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Senior Public Officers

A Director and a shady deal

Former Director of the Public Utilities Board (PUB) Choy Hon Tim's case involved the largest amount of bribes uncovered in CPIB's history - $13.85 million. Investigated in 1995, Choy had received kickbacks in exchange for awarding contracts to suppliers and contractors of PUB whilst he was the Chief Electrical Engineer.

He was convicted and sentenced to a 14 years' jail term and the $13.85 million bribe obtained by him was forfeited to the State.

$2 million worth of Chinese antiques

In another case involving abuse of power, former Chief Executive Officer of the Trade Development Board Yeo Seng Teck had used forged documents to cheat the organisations he was working for, involving the purchase of Chinese antiques worth about $2 million.

Yeo was charged and convicted for cheating offences and sentenced to 4 years' imprisonment.

Aspiration, Success. Contracts. Can money buy everything?

Lim How Seng, former director of the Singapore History Museum, corruptly received two loans of $20,000 each from a private vendor named 3G Studio. In exchange, he recommended a contract for the production of a new 3-dimensional show at the museum to be awarded to the company.

He was sentenced to 3 months' imprisonment and ordered to pay a $20,000 penalty.

High rank does not always equal high integrity

SAF Lieutenant Colonel Ong Beng Leong was the Commanding Officer of Training Resource Management Centre from April 1999 to December 2001. He knowingly accepted fictitious quotes submitted to him by a construction agency and awarded the contract to them, instead of following financial procedures and sourcing for quotations from other contractors.

He was charged and convicted for using false documents to deceive his employer; and was sentenced to 1.5 months' imprisonment.


Last updated on 26 Jul 2013
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